Human Resources Management and Training

Success of any activity, including digital transformation, is a qualified and motivated staff.
Nafta Expert, relying on international experience, is ready to develop and implement the following tools for all employees of your company:
- KPO and KPI (quarter, year or more) for departments, managers and employees;
- Individual development plans for employees on the results of the conducted audit;
- Information collaborative environment to ensure proper interaction of teams and sufficient transparency of transformation.
Nafta Expert offers services for assessment and professional development of employees of oil and gas companies in the field of:
- Integrated Operations;
- Integrated Modeling based on modern software;
- Digital methods of production optimization.
We could assist you to adapt new technologies, train your personnel to work with modern software systems and improve communication and teamwork.
The training is conducted by Nafta Expert consultants who have many years of experience, experts from international companies at our training center, or at the training centers of our foreign partners in Europe, the USA and Australia.