Integrated Operations – Digital Oilfield

Concept of Integrated Operations (IO) for oil and gas companies was coined in the 2000s by Norwegian shelf operators of the fields of the North Sea.
IHS CERA have provided commonly used definition:
Integrated Operations “…is one where operators, partners, and service companies seek to take advantage of improved data and knowledge management, enhanced analytical tools, real-time systems, and more efficient business processes”.
Nafta Expert adheres to the vision that the concept of integrated operations is similar to the concept of “digital oilfield” as they are different names for programs implemented by oil and gas companies with the purpose to improve main indicators of operations efficiency, i.e. costs optimization, production improvement and risks reduction.
Each company is at its own optimization stage, and Nafta Expert team sees its objective in providing qualified expert support for particular stages of Integrated Operations implementation or in implementing the program entirely.
If you need more information concerning the main IO technologies, stages and typical mistakes in the transition to Integrated Operations in oil and gas companies, as well as implementation experience in leading international companies, please contact us via