29 January 2019

Edition of the book Integrated Operations in the Oil and Gas Industry in Russian is coming soon

Since the early 2000s, most of the largest oil-producing and services companies abroad are increasingly introducing integrated operations in exploration, development and operation of fields.
The book Integrated Operations in the Oil and Gas Industry summarizes 20 years of experience in implementing integrated operations abroad. After reading this book, you will learn:
- How to ensure applicability of digitalization so that it brings profit to business, and does not remain a beautiful philosophy;
- What are integrated operations and what is their potential to reduce costs, create additional value and increase the level of industrial safety;
- How to build and update business processes and organizational structure in oil and gas company;
- Successful cases and real-world examples;
- How to use the potential of information technology;
- What kind of mistakes were made by foreign companies and how to avoid them.
The book is being prepared for release in Russian in May 2019 and if you want to learn more please contact us via info@nafta-e.com or kvostrukhina@nafta-e.com.