6 November 2019

Nafta Expert represented the current results of the offshore drilling in ice conditions integrated model

On the 14th October Nafta Expert took part at the workshop dedicated to the results of the project “Expansion of the offshore drilling period in ice conditions” 1st phase. The event was organized by Conceptual engineering and technological development department of Gazprom Neft Shelf LLC and Morneftegazproject JSC. The workshop was visited by arctic technologies leading companies and Gazprom Neft Shelf LLC functions representatives.
Nafta Expert specialists represented the current results of the offshore drilling integrated model. The model will allow to estimate the technological and commercial efficiency of the various combinations of the technological solutions for the offshore drilling in ice conditions. The integrated model framework includes a lot of factors, such as:
  • The offshore drilling period and ice conditions
  • Technological, mass and dimensions parameters of the drilling platforms
  • Cold-proof solutions
  • Compositions and parameters of the fleet
  • Ice management solutions
  • Drilling operations acceleration solutions
  • Compositions and parameters of the aviation
  • Monitoring and oil spill response solutions

Based on the workshop results our specialists work on the project phase two. In frames of it we will integrate technical issues, analyse variants of the technologies development commercial schemes and research and development objectives. As the result of the phase 2 we are going to develop an integrated offshore drilling model and road map for offshore technologies evaluation.