Digital Transformation

According to recent researches carried by world media outlets, more than a half of oil and gas companies are already introducing operational optimization practices, including, generally, digital transformation. The “TO BE” state of the asset when the structure, processes and tools ensure optimized performance of operations is achieved through a phased transition from a situational response to challenges to a proactive integrated management model. The main points of growth are:
- process and data management system;
- organizational structure;
- IT readiness;
- culture of work and collaboration.
A successful transformation program is always approved and maintained at the highest management level and covers the whole company.
Industrial leaders have been implementing transformation programs for more than 10 years and have accumulated sufficient experience that must be taken into account in order to avoid major mistakes.
Nafta Expert actively cooperates with leading international experts and technology suppliers in the field of operations optimization in the oil and gas industry.
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