Integrated Modeling

By an Integrated Model, we mean a set of interrelated models that describe production chain from reservoir to export. Typically, these are models of reservoir, wells, gathering systems, processing and logistics, and an economic model.
An entire Integrated Model is also called a Digital Twin.
Nafta Expert in cooperation with leading Russian and International suppliers of integrated modeling technology provides an opportunity to complete the following tasks:
- Design of an Integrated Model;
- Transfer of an Integrated Model from one software package to another and its subsequent adaptation;
- Optimization or updating of the existing Integrated Model or its part;
- Run applicative calculations (from gathering system optimization to options for field development);
- Automation of Integrated Models deployment for applicative calculations;
- Providing qualified consulting and expert support for your employees on the issues of integrated modeling;
- Development of regulatory and guidance documentation on the application of integrated modeling tools at the level of entire company or its particular business unit.
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