Development of the Offshore drilling mathematical model and technical solutions analysis in order to the expansion of the offshore drilling period in ice conditions

The customer of our services was the Russian vertically integrated oil company focused as upstream as downstream. The company was the first one that started the oil production in the Russian part of the Arctic shelf, and it is an owner of several offshore field development rights.
In 2019 the Corporate design institute has started the project “Expansion of the offshore drilling period in ice conditions” with an objective to define the combination of technical solutions for the offshore drilling for:
  • Exploration and appraisal drilling with the minimum risk of terms and HSE in water areas with the restricted ice-free period or incomplete clearance of ice
  • Expansion of the offshore drilling period and efficiency in frozen water areas with subsea technologies

Nafta Expert was involved in the project as an integrator to develop the offshore drilling mathematical model and estimate the executability of proposed technical solutions.


  • All fields located on the Russian Arctic shelf are complex in terms of ice and weather conditions and require the optimization of the drilling, marine operations, and logistic technical solutions

  • Specific and characteristics of the Arctic shelf restrict the drilling period and the velocity of the operations and have the additional requirements for HSE what is the reason for the additional costs

  • The company needs to find out the optimal combination of the technological solutions which will be as commercial efficient as support the maximum number of the drilled wells by the drilling period expansion and/or the drilling velocity

Nafta Expert specialists were in charge to develop the tool that allows configuring various solutions with considering technical capabilities and all types of restrictions and make the cost estimation.

The following works were included to the scope:

  1. Participation in the review studies, analysis, comparison and efficiency estimation of the 12 technological areas

  2. Defining of the traffic and logistic schemes

  3. Development of the drilling operations mathematical model

  4. Feasibility study of the prioritized works and development of the road map for offshore technologies evaluation


  • Defining of the options and efficiency estimation for each technological area, including key factors, restrictions, application methods
  • Development of the drilling operations scheme with considering the current Arctic infrastructure, mobile technological solutions, restrictions, and capabilities of maritime transport and aviation

  • Exploring the various combinations of the traffic and logistic schemes, estimation of the technological risks including their consequence costs. Defining the conditions of keeping the efficiency of all elements of the logistic scheme

  • Defining the interfaces between all technological areas and development of the mathematical model of offshore drilling under the ice condition

  • Defining the technological capabilities that are necessary for the optimal offshore drilling scenario

  • Feasibility study of the prioritized scope of works and development of the road map for offshore technologies evaluation